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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed are the frequestly asked questions by our users. If your question is not on the list, visit the Contact Us page.

What is Fund Exchanger?

Fund Exchanger is an exchanger website specializing in e-currency to e-currency exchange services. THrough this site, users can sell e-currencies using whatever e-currency they have. No real or actual money is involved in any transaction with Fund Exchanger.

Does Fund Exchanger have the same terms and conditions as that of PayCo?

No. Fund Exchanger has its own set of terms and conditions that all users must comply to. Fund Exchanger and PayCo are different entities that offer services different from each other.

Are Fund Exchanger services available in all countries?

Yes, Fund Exchanger and all its services is accessible in all countries except the United States and all US territories.

What are the e-currencies that can be used in Fund Exchanger?

You can find the list of e-currencies, which can be used in Fund, all over this website.

How long will it take for my transaction to be completed?

Every exchange request takes 24 to 48 hours to be completely processed.

What do I do if my transaction is still not processed after 48 hours?

Send an email to  Fund Exchanger regarding your inquiry so that your transaction can be checked. Chances are your exchange request may not have been sucessfully transmitted or it was rejected for reasons deemed appropriate by Fund Exchanger.

What could be the reason why my transaction failed?

There are two types of reasons for a transaction failure. One is technical error – you might want to check your connection to make sure that the transmission of your exchange request has not been interrupted. The other is a rejected request – make sure that you have entered correct and valid account details and personal information. Otherwise, Fund Exchanger reserves the right to decline your request to buy or sell e-currencies through this site.

Is there a limit to the amount of e-currency that can be bought or sold?

No, there is no limit to the amount of e-currency that can be bought or sold.

Are there specific requirements needed before I can use Fund Exchanger?

Fund Exchanger requires only the following: your personal information and account details. Other than the ones mentioned, there are no more requirements that you need to submit.

Can I use Fund Exchanger to fund my trading account?

So far,  Fund Exchanger does not offer any kind of service that would allow you to directly fund your trading account.